Masonry Services

Chimney Rebuilds: A chimney rebuild is a comprehensive process that involves the removal and reconstruction of a chimney structure. This may be necessary when the existing chimney is damaged, deteriorated, or poses safety concerns. A soundly constructed chimney is essential in avoiding internal water damage, protecting the flue liner and properly venting the heating appliance.

Crown Repair & Rebuilds A chimney crown is a masonry slab or concrete cap that sits at the top of the chimney structure, serving as a protective barrier against weather elements. It plays a crucial role in preventing water from entering the chimney and causing damage to the internal components. Over time, chimney crowns may develop cracks or deteriorate due to exposure to the elements. In such cases, chimney crown repair becomes necessary to maintain the integrity of the chimney

Chimney Repointing: Chimney repointing, also known as tuckpointing, is a process of repairing and renewing the mortar joints between the bricks or stones in a chimney. Over time, the mortar that holds the bricks together can deteriorate due to weather exposure, age, and other factors. Repointing is essential to maintain the structural integrity of the chimney and prevent further damage.

Firebox Repair & Rebuilds: The firebox is the interior space of a fireplace where the actual burning of wood takes place. Over time, the firebox can suffer wear and tear due to exposure to high temperatures and the byproducts of combustion. It is important to address damage, cracks, or deterioration in this area to ensure the safe and efficient operation of the fireplace.

Hearth Installations: A hearth is the floor area directly in front of a fireplace, often extending into the room. The installation of a hearth is a crucial aspect of creating a safe and aesthetically pleasing fireplace setup.

Interior Fireplace Construction & Rebuilds